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Calendar of Events

13 Jan

January 21, 2012. CCC outing and tech session at Mike Thomas’ Corvair Ranch in beautiful Atascadero, CA. Meet at 10AM at Mike’s house in A-Town for a caravan ride to the site. If it is required to have several “ran when parked” cars in your driveway in Atascadero come to this event at an abandoned chicken farm to peruse through the gems Mike has squirreled away. Bring cash or check as there is sure to be some part you must have and Mike might be willing to sell. Lunch will be taken at Colby Jack’s new restaurant at the Carlton Hotel in Atascadero after we crawl around the ranch. For more info call Bob O at 460-9651 or Mike at 549-8050. This is our first event of the New Year. We will talk about the upcoming VairFest in Arroyo Grande, June 23, 2012 and set the rest of our calendar for upcoming events!

VairFest 2012. CCC’s VairFest has tentatively been scheduled for June 23, 2012 at Heritage Park in Arroyo Grande, CA. Once again we will host what is to become an annual event for the club. Car show, BBQ, Awards and tech sessions will be on the slate. Discuss………


The Art of Dropping an Engine.

24 Nov

Lakewood Tech Session

30 Nov

Several club members got together at President Jim Pennel’s hacienda on Sunday November 28 for a wrenching session on club VP Bob O’s Lakewood.  Present and accounted for were Jim, Bob, Zack, Bill and newest club member Jason.  Since installing a refurbished 102hp engine that replaced a very tired 110 the car has not run consistently well.

Checking the Specs

While it starts and idles the major problem is an engine stall when the transmission is put into drive or reverse. You can imagine the frustration while approaching a red light or having to creep along in traffic and having the engine want to stall.  Switching into neutral or engaging the gas pedal while applying the brake gets very old very fast as you can expect.   Using a pair of matched Rochester Carbs that came off of Jim Pennel’s Greenbrier the pit crew went through a whole battery of tests and retests.

Fact Finding Diagnosis

The crew checked for vacuum leaks, balanced the carbs, timed the engine, replaced worn points, got the dwell to come in at 29 degrees, and idled the engine at 1200 rpm. A check of the vacuum modulator indicated that it is still working properly.  While getting the engine to perform much better that when it arrived the problem still persisted.  However, a call to Ray Sedman, a Corvair Specialist who worked wonders on Jim’s fuel injected van gave the group another avenue to explore.  He suspected that the torgue converter may be defective as the symptoms indicate that there is a load on the engine while in drive with the brake on.  The torque converter locks out at 1700 rpm and puts the wheels into spinning thus moving the car.

On the Horn to Ray Sedman

He indicated that the torque converter is responding at lower rpm’s and thus stalling the car.  A plausible explanation as any and carries great weight coming from such a distinguished Corvair engine performance expert.   Running out of time tinkering with this and that what remains is a check of the spark plug wires, a compression check, valve adjustment and replacement of the torque converter.  While it is well known that the 102 and powerglide combination is the worst of all engine/ transmission combinations the darn thing should still work properly.  Which is the motivation to continue to tinker and experiment until it is running great!

Stay tuned to more Tech sessions………

No Stone Unturned