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Minutes of November Meeting

17 Nov


BUSINESS MEETING November 4, 2010

The potluck dinner meeting was held at the home of Don & Bev Weaver and led by President, Jim Pennell. Also in attendance were Jackie Chess, Ron Curtis (local visitor), Bob Galli, Bill Marks, Zac Mathis, Ed & Charlotte Roberts and returning member Larry Bouchard.

Treasurers Report: Jackie Chess

Beginning balance: checking account – $6,391.48

Income: raffle $27.00   Expenses: none

Ending balance: checking account –  $6,418.48

We must maintain a $1,500.00 balance to not be charged a monthly service charge.

Our Tax Identification Number is registered as an incorporated association which is the same as a non-profit. The difference in non profits seems to be tax exempt (difference types) or not.

Corsa National has been no assistance in determining our correct designation.

It was decided to stop perusing the record verification and be satisfied solely with Bank of America for our future banking business.


Fan Belt Toss, Palm Springs, was attended by Bill Marks, Mike Thomas and Bob O’Brien. Bill Marks had a winning raffle ticket and is now the owner of a 1964 Monza convertible, 4 speed, 110 hp which is white with red interior. This Corvair was purchased, restored and raffled off by San Diego Corsa.

Bob Galli’s is selling his 1969 Ultra Van (504) for $4,000.00.

A Tech Session is planned for whatever folks needs might be Sunday November 28th, 9:00am at Jim Pennell’s. So far 7 people have express interest in attending this session.


Jim Pennell reported information he and Bob O’Brien have gathered:

Option I –   Lake Atascadero Park and the AARP Building Friday evening & Saturday– total $1,000.00

Option II – Masonic Hall, Arroyo Grande for Friday evening registration & dinner, $200

Heritage Park with Gazebo, Arroyo Grande for Saturday car show & BBG, $75

Rental of table’s & chair’s for 60, $223 –—-subtotal $498.00

Rental of a Port-a-potty is required. Larry Bouchard has a resource he’ll check & report to Jim.

Other venues were discussed but many felt the best exposure to the public would be Heritage Park. Plus the fact that ‘The Village’ is so nearby for visitors to explore. A motion was made by Charlotte and seconded by Larry to secure the Option II which passed.

Zac suggested a theme of ‘Vairs in the Village’ with Gazebo, Swinging Bridge and a Corvair as artwork. A motion was made by Jackie, seconded by Jim and passed.

According to Jim Pennell, Mike Thomas will prepare line ads and distribute flyers. Larry also offered to distribute flyers. Jim will contact Jim Corey about preparing artwork for advertising.

List of VairFest events and task:

Artwork – Jim Corey



Line Ads – Mike Thomas

Flyer Distribution – Mike Thomas, Larry Bouchard

Barbecue – Don Hemwall & Chuck Smith

Car Show, ballots

Hospitality Center/refreshments

Photographs – Sara Galli


Clark’s donations – Don Weaver

Registration – Bob Galli

Spaghetti Dinner, Friday – Bob O’Brien

Swap Meet

A Tech Session by Bob Galli took place regarding clutch replacement. Many modifications of parts were made between the early & late models making it very difficult to swap individual parts.

Next meeting: Date and location to be determined for our Christmas Dinner

This gathering will include election of Officers for 2011. Annual dues of $12 are due by January 2011.

I announced my retirement as Secretary/Treasurer.

Respectfully submitted, Jackie Chess, Secretary/Treasurer


Electric Fuel Pump Installation

5 Oct

The Virtues of Installing an Electric Fuel Pump

by Bob O

Dealing with the reliability of Corvair mechanical fuel pumps has been an ongoing concern for our brand of specialized car service.  Many hobbyists have already made the switch to electric fuel pumps as the quality of the mechanicals has suffered over the years.  They are just not reliable or dependable and can lead to a blown engine if the crankcase fills with gas unbeknownst to you.  Corvair guru Bob Galli perhaps said it best “it’s not a question of if it fails it is a question of when.”

Tucked nicely under the chassis

Tucked nicely under the chassis

Anticipating such a day when the pump leaks more than it fills the carb bowl I bought several pumps from Clarks Corvair parts.  I noticed that the mechanical on my 63 Spyder was beginning to leak if I let the car sit for anything more than a week.  I was always able to loosen the bolts on the top cover then retighten them and stop the leaks.  I did know it was just a matter of time when I couldn’t tighten them safely anymore.  Returning from a three week vacation in Telluride, CO. I fired up the Spyder and spewed raw gas (and I mean this) EVERYWHERE!

These photos show the final installation of the pump on the frame rail, the relocation of the filter under the wheel well, rerouting the fuel line to the Carter Carb. and the aluminum plug where the pump used to be located.

Oil pressure switch installation

Oil pressure switch installation

In addition, I installed a fuel pressure regulator that is located behind the air cleaner (inline before the carb).  Also notice the oil pressure switch that is located over the oil light sensor that is standard fare on the Corvair.  This switch lets the pump operate once oil pressure is established on starting and driving the car.  If oil pressure fails such as stalling the engine or turning it off the pump ceases to operate.

Out of sight but not out of mind

Out of sight but not out of mind

I did not install the inertia switch although I have them sitting on the shelf.  At this time I do not see a “real” reason to install them into the fuel system.  The real reason being that this can’t happen to me.  Safe Driving for all.

Note:  I have yet to install the aluminum in/out fuel pump diaphram replacement that I purchased for electric pump stock/concours appearance.  That will go on the next installation….the Rampside!