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Corviar 60’s print ads

27 Dec
Love is Blue

Love is Blue


corvair style

corvair mountain

step out corvair

corvair spirited

corvair again


Vintage 1960 “Film Strip” Corvair Presentation

6 Dec

Most of the Corvair brethren remember film strip presentations from grade school.  Dealership advertising used similar technology to present historical and technological  information to potential car buyers.  Sit back, relax and enjoy the bings and dings of just such a show………

What Could Have Been…….

5 Mar

Here are some photos of the protoype for the 1962 Super Spyder.  What a beauty!  Sure would love to have that version in my garage.   Although I am very satisfied with my ’63 convertible this baby has all the right lines and curves that would make this truly a great car to drive.  I particularly love the over sized tires (they look like 205’s), the sleek low to the ground look,  over sized headlamps, the short windshield and side windows, over sized exhaust pipes and the large rear grill.  It looks like it could scream down the road.  If only the Carter side draft could be dialed in!

Key is in the ignition. Are you ready?

A sleek machine

Oh the possibilities!

Sitting in Corvair Style