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Central Coast Corsa’s Christmas Party

30 Dec

A small but merry band of Corvair Aficionados gathered for the annual Christmas Party at Mike Thomas’ gaming parlor in East Atascadero.

The ladies guffaw

The ladies guffaw

Pot luck faire abounded with a cornucopia of savory and sweet treats doused with copious amounts of Central Coast wine. Long on the entertainment was Mike who once again showcased his collection of vintage pinball and jukebox machines.



As the jukebox crooned to Bee Gees, Manfred Mann and Herman’s Hermits the Jims Pennell and Corey ponyed up to display the pinball wizards they truly are. A real treat as Mike gave history and pertinent details for his restorations, value and inner workings of some truly remarkable machines.

I move to have all CCC events at Mike’s place…….
The surprise of the evening was presenting the annual Golden Blower Award. This yearly event acknowledges the contribution of a particular club member. An individual who goes above and beyond to make club #934 a solid and committed club dedicated to the preservation and restoration of Chevrolet’s Corvair. And I am not just blowing Hot Air…

Pinball Wizard Jim Corey

Pinball Wizard Jim Corey

Who's Next?

Who’s Next?

The recipient of this coveted award goes on to represent the club at all Corvair functions far and wide and willy nilly spends down the club treasury as sees fit. This years’ award winner was duped by club President Jim Pennell who stole the reins from the VP who traditionally presents the award. After much background hoopla Jim presented the award to Bob O who didn’t see it coming.

Why I oughta.......

Why I oughta…….

A conspiracy among the membership sideswiped the VP and instead inserted his name as the 2012 recipient! Dastardly deeds have never been recorded. Still, it is with great pleasure that I accept the award and now display it proudly in the Corvair Hall of Fame. Thank you very much all club members!


Prez Sez

17 Nov
Hello folks,

Jim and Jean Corey have generously made their home available for the  
club's December gathering. The date is set for Thursday the 16th. A  
time hasn't been set yet. Please bring a donation for the Women's  
Shelter of San Luis Obispo County. This is not a pot luck, so there is  
no need to bring a food item.

Now, for the free car item. I received a call a few nights ago from a  
former member by the name of David Jacob. He is offering to the club a  
'64 Monza 4 speed coupe that he bought new back in late '63 or so.  
According to David, it has good glass, no rust, decent interior. What  
it needs are paint and an engine. So, the question is, are there  
enough members with sufficient interest/time to tackle a project like  
this and present it as a grand raffle prize at our Vairfest?

Please let me know if are planning on attending the Dec. gathering so  
I can give Jean and Jim a count so they can best prepare. Also, let me  
know of your thoughts on the car.



December Meeting Minutes

16 Dec


BUSINESS MEETING December 5, 2009

The meeting was held at Hemwall’s and opened by President, Jim Pennell at 8 pm following our Christmas Potluck. In attendance were Dave/Jackie Chess, Don & Carol Hemwall, Bob O’Brien, Jim Pennell, Alma Quesnel, Ed/Charlotte Roberts, Bill Marks & Mike Thomas.

Treasurers Report, Jackie Chess

Beginning Balance: Checking account – $1,000.57, CD – $5,005.48

Income: $32 – Oct. & Nov. meetings. Expenses $50 – CORSA Annual Fee

Ending Balance: Checking – $982.57, CD – $5,010.43

2010 dues of $12 are due; an e-mail reminder was sent to all members 12/4.

$60 collected from 5 members in attendance.

Old Business:

We still have For Sale: 3 Clark’s main & specialty catalog’s 2007-2012 @ $3

Vairfest t-shirts – with pocket:  1 large, 3 ex-large @ $12

without pocket: 1 large, 2 ex-large @ $10

The newsletter committee (Corey, Hemwall, O’Brien, Thomas) has not met due to Jim Corey’s surgery. They hope to meet prior to the next meeting.

New Business:

The annual Golden Blower award goes to Catherine O’Brien for her dedicated work creating our club website, http://www.centralcoastcorsa.org.

Jim Pennell announced he would like to hold a monthly Tech Session at his home on Sundays. He will wait to hear from those with interest prior to scheduling the first session. Once a session is scheduled he will e-mail all members with the date. Jim will have hernia surgery 12/23 so don’t delay if you want a Tech Session soon.

A big thank you to the Hemwall’s for offering their home for our Christmas Dinner when the Corey’s had to cancel due to Jim’s spinal surgery. A good time was had by all.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:45 pm. The annual drawing for 2010 dues was won by Bob O’Brien.

Next meeting:

January 9th 6:00 PM, dinner potluck, at the Roberts.

Respectfully submitted, Jackie Chess, Secretary/Treasurer

Minutes to November Meeting

10 Nov


BUSINESS MEETING November 7, 2009

The meeting was held at Jim Pennell’s and opened by President, Jim Pennell at 11:10 am. In attendance were Dave/Jackie Chess, Jim Corey, Bob Galli, Don Hemwall, Jim Pennell, Ed/Charlotte Roberts and new members Bill Marks & Mike Thomas.

Treasurers Report, Jackie Chess

Beginning & Ending Balance: Checking $1,000.57, CD $5,005.48.

No income or expenses. $20 collection at the October meeting to be deposited this week.

The CD is with Bank of America @1.30 APY for 12 months, maturing 9/8/2010.

The $200.00 Corvair Preservation Fund donation was completed in September.

If, in the future we want to open a CD or account in a different institution we’ll need the Internal Revenue Service acknowledgement of our Taxpayer ID#. This paperwork is neither in the current nor passed files. I will attempt contacting the IRS to learn how to obtain such acknowledgement.

All members please be prepared to pay their annual dues of $12 for 2010 at the Christmas Party.

New Business

The CORSA National Report is in process. Jackie has the following questions in order to complete the report. Who is the CORSA Rep & what is the official address (street & e-mail) for our chapter? Will we have a newsletter & who will be the editor? The following discussion took place. The CORSA Rep & official address is the contact with CORSA which includes receiving newsletters from other chapters.

There is often news within other newsletters that would be interesting for all of us through our website.

Jim Pennell will discuss the CORSA Rep with Vice-President Bob O’Brien and advise Jackie.

Many feel that the website does not replace a hard copy newsletter to be sent to other chapters & those without e-mail. Jim Corey offered to head a committee with Don Hemwall & Mike Thomas to discuss gleaning newsletter material from the website. Actually a Chapter Newsletter is required by the chapter plan and it helps the Communique editors locate interesting stories & tech tips.

Jackie announced that the chapter will pay $50 since we do not have 100% membership in CORSA.  This fee is used to help offset insurance & administration costs for CORSA. It was agreed that this cost is minor for the insurance & benefits CORSA provides.

Everyone agreed that we should try Saturday evening meetings rather than daytime to help build our attendance. Regular meetings on the first Saturday evening of the month will begin in February as January will be the second Saturday due to the holiday. Meetings will now be a potluck dinner.

Jim & Jean Corey will host our Annual Christmas Dinner Saturday December 5th. We are asked to bring a donation for the North County Women’s Shelter. We don’t need to bring anything (other than our donation) since our club will pay the expenses. Invitations will be e-mailed with details.

The meeting was adjourned at 12:15 pm followed by a potluck lunch. The raffle raised $17 of which $5 went into the attendance pot that is now $25 since James Spencer was not in attendance..

Next meeting:

Christmas Party, December 5th 6:00 PM, at the home of Jim & Jean Corey.


Secretary Extraordinaire

Respectfully submitted, Jackie Chess, Secretary/Treasurer