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Central Coast Corsa’s Christmas Party

30 Dec

A small but merry band of Corvair Aficionados gathered for the annual Christmas Party at Mike Thomas’ gaming parlor in East Atascadero.

The ladies guffaw

The ladies guffaw

Pot luck faire abounded with a cornucopia of savory and sweet treats doused with copious amounts of Central Coast wine. Long on the entertainment was Mike who once again showcased his collection of vintage pinball and jukebox machines.



As the jukebox crooned to Bee Gees, Manfred Mann and Herman’s Hermits the Jims Pennell and Corey ponyed up to display the pinball wizards they truly are. A real treat as Mike gave history and pertinent details for his restorations, value and inner workings of some truly remarkable machines.

I move to have all CCC events at Mike’s place…….
The surprise of the evening was presenting the annual Golden Blower Award. This yearly event acknowledges the contribution of a particular club member. An individual who goes above and beyond to make club #934 a solid and committed club dedicated to the preservation and restoration of Chevrolet’s Corvair. And I am not just blowing Hot Air…

Pinball Wizard Jim Corey

Pinball Wizard Jim Corey

Who's Next?

Who’s Next?

The recipient of this coveted award goes on to represent the club at all Corvair functions far and wide and willy nilly spends down the club treasury as sees fit. This years’ award winner was duped by club President Jim Pennell who stole the reins from the VP who traditionally presents the award. After much background hoopla Jim presented the award to Bob O who didn’t see it coming.

Why I oughta.......

Why I oughta…….

A conspiracy among the membership sideswiped the VP and instead inserted his name as the 2012 recipient! Dastardly deeds have never been recorded. Still, it is with great pleasure that I accept the award and now display it proudly in the Corvair Hall of Fame. Thank you very much all club members!


Calendar of Events

13 Jan

January 21, 2012. CCC outing and tech session at Mike Thomas’ Corvair Ranch in beautiful Atascadero, CA. Meet at 10AM at Mike’s house in A-Town for a caravan ride to the site. If it is required to have several “ran when parked” cars in your driveway in Atascadero come to this event at an abandoned chicken farm to peruse through the gems Mike has squirreled away. Bring cash or check as there is sure to be some part you must have and Mike might be willing to sell. Lunch will be taken at Colby Jack’s new restaurant at the Carlton Hotel in Atascadero after we crawl around the ranch. For more info call Bob O at 460-9651 or Mike at 549-8050. This is our first event of the New Year. We will talk about the upcoming VairFest in Arroyo Grande, June 23, 2012 and set the rest of our calendar for upcoming events!

VairFest 2012. CCC’s VairFest has tentatively been scheduled for June 23, 2012 at Heritage Park in Arroyo Grande, CA. Once again we will host what is to become an annual event for the club. Car show, BBQ, Awards and tech sessions will be on the slate. Discuss………

Central Coast Corsa Business Meeting Feb.3

3 Mar

Central Coast Corsa

Business Meeting Feb. 3, 2011


In attendance: Ed, Charlotte, Bill, Jason, Jim C., Jim P., Mike, Bob O., and Bob G.

Meeting called to order at 6:55pm.

Salads and great wine were offered for dinner.  EXCEPTIONAL!  Lets keep up the good work by raising the bar on foodstuffs.

Dues paid by Jim C. and Bob O.

Treasurer’s report:

Last Statement Balance: $6418.48 as of 12/10/2010

New Checking Balance: $5749.48

Dues Received: $136

Rental and Deposit for VairFest:  $805  for bandstand at Heritage park and Masonic Hall.


Will let Zac know that the secretary is to send meeting minutes to all club members via email and not just to Bob O for inclusion on club web site.

Bob O took pictures of Heritage Park VairFest site for promotion of this event on the web site, to other Corvair clubs and for event flyer.

Jim P. has created a flyer list of 8 motels in the area with prices and contact information, RV camping areas and a map of the Arroyo Grande area on the back.  This will be included in the registration packets that are to be mailed.

Jim C. has been having much difficulty with creating a logo for this event.  AG Village Association has been uncooperative with sending promised line art to Jim.  He will follow up once again before we proceed to plan B.

Bob G. will proceed with creating the pre-registration and registration forms and Jim C. offered to help Bob with this process.

Arroyo Grande Village web site: AGvillage.org

Bob O. will create a one page flyer for this event that is to be sent to other Corvair clubs and used on the web site.

Used the prior VairFest worksheet created by Jackie for upcoming event.

Masonic Temple is available as of noon on Friday April 29 for set up, dinner prep and decoration.

Spaghetti Dinner:

Overseen by Bob O and Jim C

Dinner Offerings: spaghetti, 2 sauces, salad, garlic bread, wine, ice cream, soft drinks, coffee.

Table decorations: table cloths, candles, and small vase of flowers.

Movie:  Come up with choice with a Corvair in it. To be determined.  Jason will provide the movie screen.  Jim P will check availability of DVD projector.

Popcorn to be the pre-popped version available to all at the movie.

Heritage Park is available from 7am to 6pm

Raffle tickets:  1 color ticket for merchandise raffles and grand prize (no 50/50).  Charlotte will handle this task.

Bill will handle the swap meet part of this event.

Photos of cars:  We do not have a volunteer for this duty yet.

Poster for Masonic Temple:  Alma will put this together to promote the event.

T-shirts will be handled by Jim C.

Parking Cars:  Jim P and Bob O will park show cars beginning at 8am to 9am.

Ballots for car show will be provided by Bob G.

Raffle and registration will be handled in shifts under the gazebo by club members that will sign up for specific time slots. Raffle cage at Charlotte’s house.  Raffle cans at Don H’s house.

Jim C. will call Clarks for a possible raffle model car.

$150 dollars cash is once again the grand prize for the raffle.

Awards to be provided by Don H.

BBQ overseen by Don H. begins at 4pm

Coffee makers: Jim P will check at Masons for availability.

Registration table: Name tags, packets, membership applications, pens, cash box, ballot box.

Wine Tour to be handled by Jim P.

Mike has promoted this event in Hemmings, Communique, and Driver magazines.

10am start for wine tour on Sun. with lunch provided at the first of two stops.  Jim P will have more info on the sites.

Next Meeting at Mikes house:

7475 Valle Ave. Atascadero on March 3 at 6pm.

Is There a Corvair In Your Future?

13 Dec


Discussions with club members at a recent tech session produced a litany of ideas pertaining to the direction of our club, Central Coast Corsa.  The question was posed.  What kind of club do we want in 2011 and beyond?  The bantering pertained to thoughts of a more social club with monthly meetings potluck, raffle and discussions much like the model we have currently to expanding the scope of our interests to mirror the desires of some club members. There are club members more interested in working on cars and there are some more interested in driving our cars in club outings in addition to enjoying the social graces of one of our potluck meetings.   One suggestion posed involved rotating events by having a more social meeting one month followed by a tech session meeting the next and a club outing the next month and so on.   This varied format can combine the interests of all club members and each member may participate to his or her level of interest.

So the question remains.  What kind of club do YOU want to have in the future?  Ponder this thought and get back to me via email to let me know your suggestions on how to make the club more dynamic for the varied interests of our members.  Make this your first New Year’s Resolution and we will discuss this topic as well as VairFest at our next meeting Jan. 6, 2011.  See you then!

Lakewood Tech Session

30 Nov

Several club members got together at President Jim Pennel’s hacienda on Sunday November 28 for a wrenching session on club VP Bob O’s Lakewood.  Present and accounted for were Jim, Bob, Zack, Bill and newest club member Jason.  Since installing a refurbished 102hp engine that replaced a very tired 110 the car has not run consistently well.

Checking the Specs

While it starts and idles the major problem is an engine stall when the transmission is put into drive or reverse. You can imagine the frustration while approaching a red light or having to creep along in traffic and having the engine want to stall.  Switching into neutral or engaging the gas pedal while applying the brake gets very old very fast as you can expect.   Using a pair of matched Rochester Carbs that came off of Jim Pennel’s Greenbrier the pit crew went through a whole battery of tests and retests.

Fact Finding Diagnosis

The crew checked for vacuum leaks, balanced the carbs, timed the engine, replaced worn points, got the dwell to come in at 29 degrees, and idled the engine at 1200 rpm. A check of the vacuum modulator indicated that it is still working properly.  While getting the engine to perform much better that when it arrived the problem still persisted.  However, a call to Ray Sedman, a Corvair Specialist who worked wonders on Jim’s fuel injected van gave the group another avenue to explore.  He suspected that the torgue converter may be defective as the symptoms indicate that there is a load on the engine while in drive with the brake on.  The torque converter locks out at 1700 rpm and puts the wheels into spinning thus moving the car.

On the Horn to Ray Sedman

He indicated that the torque converter is responding at lower rpm’s and thus stalling the car.  A plausible explanation as any and carries great weight coming from such a distinguished Corvair engine performance expert.   Running out of time tinkering with this and that what remains is a check of the spark plug wires, a compression check, valve adjustment and replacement of the torque converter.  While it is well known that the 102 and powerglide combination is the worst of all engine/ transmission combinations the darn thing should still work properly.  Which is the motivation to continue to tinker and experiment until it is running great!

Stay tuned to more Tech sessions………

No Stone Unturned

Minutes of November Meeting

17 Nov


BUSINESS MEETING November 4, 2010

The potluck dinner meeting was held at the home of Don & Bev Weaver and led by President, Jim Pennell. Also in attendance were Jackie Chess, Ron Curtis (local visitor), Bob Galli, Bill Marks, Zac Mathis, Ed & Charlotte Roberts and returning member Larry Bouchard.

Treasurers Report: Jackie Chess

Beginning balance: checking account – $6,391.48

Income: raffle $27.00   Expenses: none

Ending balance: checking account –  $6,418.48

We must maintain a $1,500.00 balance to not be charged a monthly service charge.

Our Tax Identification Number is registered as an incorporated association which is the same as a non-profit. The difference in non profits seems to be tax exempt (difference types) or not.

Corsa National has been no assistance in determining our correct designation.

It was decided to stop perusing the record verification and be satisfied solely with Bank of America for our future banking business.


Fan Belt Toss, Palm Springs, was attended by Bill Marks, Mike Thomas and Bob O’Brien. Bill Marks had a winning raffle ticket and is now the owner of a 1964 Monza convertible, 4 speed, 110 hp which is white with red interior. This Corvair was purchased, restored and raffled off by San Diego Corsa.

Bob Galli’s is selling his 1969 Ultra Van (504) for $4,000.00.

A Tech Session is planned for whatever folks needs might be Sunday November 28th, 9:00am at Jim Pennell’s. So far 7 people have express interest in attending this session.


Jim Pennell reported information he and Bob O’Brien have gathered:

Option I –   Lake Atascadero Park and the AARP Building Friday evening & Saturday– total $1,000.00

Option II – Masonic Hall, Arroyo Grande for Friday evening registration & dinner, $200

Heritage Park with Gazebo, Arroyo Grande for Saturday car show & BBG, $75

Rental of table’s & chair’s for 60, $223 –—-subtotal $498.00

Rental of a Port-a-potty is required. Larry Bouchard has a resource he’ll check & report to Jim.

Other venues were discussed but many felt the best exposure to the public would be Heritage Park. Plus the fact that ‘The Village’ is so nearby for visitors to explore. A motion was made by Charlotte and seconded by Larry to secure the Option II which passed.

Zac suggested a theme of ‘Vairs in the Village’ with Gazebo, Swinging Bridge and a Corvair as artwork. A motion was made by Jackie, seconded by Jim and passed.

According to Jim Pennell, Mike Thomas will prepare line ads and distribute flyers. Larry also offered to distribute flyers. Jim will contact Jim Corey about preparing artwork for advertising.

List of VairFest events and task:

Artwork – Jim Corey



Line Ads – Mike Thomas

Flyer Distribution – Mike Thomas, Larry Bouchard

Barbecue – Don Hemwall & Chuck Smith

Car Show, ballots

Hospitality Center/refreshments

Photographs – Sara Galli


Clark’s donations – Don Weaver

Registration – Bob Galli

Spaghetti Dinner, Friday – Bob O’Brien

Swap Meet

A Tech Session by Bob Galli took place regarding clutch replacement. Many modifications of parts were made between the early & late models making it very difficult to swap individual parts.

Next meeting: Date and location to be determined for our Christmas Dinner

This gathering will include election of Officers for 2011. Annual dues of $12 are due by January 2011.

I announced my retirement as Secretary/Treasurer.

Respectfully submitted, Jackie Chess, Secretary/Treasurer

CCC Meeting Minutes Oct. 2010

21 Oct


BUSINESS MEETING October 7, 2010

The potluck dinner meeting was held at the home of Don Hemwall and led by President, Jim Pennell.

Also in attendance were Christy Barton (visiting from Nevada City), Jackie Chess, Bob Galli, Bob O’Brien, Ed & Charlotte Roberts, Chuck Smith, Mike Thomas and Don & Bev Weaver.

Treasurers Report: Jackie Chess

Beginning balance: checking account – $1,303.57, CD – $5,060.80

Income: raffle $23.00, CD $5,087.91.   Expenses: none

Ending balance: checking account – $6,391.48

We earned $64.91 @ 1.29% on the 12 month CD

We were charged 9.95 a monthly service charge in error which was corrected

If we maintain a $1,500.00 balance we will not be charged a monthly service charge.

Tax Identification Number – how do we handle this situation of no record of the number?

If we question the IRS we may open up a problem. We are registered as an un- incorporated association, not a non-profit. Jackie will contact Corsa to question proper registration.



10/ 29-31st – Fan Belt Toss, Palm Springs, registration forms & raffle tickets.

Jim Pennell has a lead on a 1961 Lakewood for sale $400. It runs but needs a lot of work + windshield.


Old Business:

Newsletter committee, Corey, Hemwall, O’Brien, Thomas has not met.



Bob O’Brien reported that Lake Atascadero Park now charges $700 to use the park for show & BBQ.

AARP Building is available April 29, 30, May 1st 2011. A BBG area in the park can be rented for $50.

Discussion took place of doing the car show in the parking lot with concern of holding spaces.

Alternate locations were discussed and will be followed up on.

Masonic Hall & parking lot, Arroyo Grande: Don Weaver to check & report to Jim.

Other A.G venues: Strother Park, Protégées Hall and the Odd Fellows Hall, in SLO.

Outdoor venues only: Heritage Park in A.G. and Meadow View at Biddle Ranch.

If a location becomes possible an e-mail vote amongst members could take place to save time.

List of events and tasks: Barbecue – Don Hemwall & Chuck Smith

Car Show, ballots

Hospitality Center/refreshments

Photographs – Sara Galli


Registration – Bob Galli

Spaghetti Dinner – Bob O’Brien

Swap Meet

Need a theme for 2010. 2009 was ‘Always a Great Vintage’ and was 2006 ‘Get Your Kicks in 2006’

The raffle raised $32 of which $5 went into the attendance pot since Don Hudson was not in attendance.


Next meeting:

November 4th, 6 pm potluck dinner at the Weaver’s home, 1999 Casitas Street, Oceano, 481-5712.


Respectfully submitted, Jackie Chess, Secretary/Treasurer