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Classic Car Stocking Stuffers

17 Dec

Classic car stocking stuffers: Five for five grand or less
By Rob Sass
Published December 09, 2012
Hagerty The Classic and Collector Car Insurance Specialists.
The classic car market is in a strong growth mode these days with nearly every round of auctions producing multiple world records and seven-figure sales. Lost in the hoopla over the mega-dollar stuff is the fact that interesting collectible cars are still out there for less than the average limit on a credit card. Here are some of our favorite reasonably priced stocking stuffers:

Do I Hear A Song?

Do I Hear A Song?

1. 1984-88 Pontiac Fiero: Sold to gullible GM brass as a practical, fuel-efficient two-seat “commuter car,” it looked like an attractive mid-engine sports car to nearly everyone else. The trouble was, it didn’t go or handle like one at first. Fieros got progressively better until the last model year when after getting it totally right, GM dumped it. Nice examples are still out there for a song and there’s a strong and enthusiastic club to provide support.

Free to a Good Home

Free to a Good Home

2. 1975-91 Alfa Romeo Spider: We still see marginal examples of these sexy Italian convertibles in the “free to a good home” category. Even nice ones can struggle to break five grand. Yes, they have a reputation for being temperamental (soft gearboxes, oil consumption and rust are frequently cited), but good ones are out there for not much money. Styled by the famous design firm Pininfarina, they can be intoxicatingly good fun. The ones built from 1982 on with electronic fuel injection are less problematic.

Nice to Look at....Mostly Garaged

Nice to Look at….Mostly Garaged

3. 1975-80 MGB: MGBs built from late 1974 forward have a bit of a checkered reputation among the MG faithful. They’re not bad cars per se, but the rubber impact bumpers and the emission control-related loss of horsepower (in a car that already had little to spare) put these at the bottom of the MGB pecking order. That said, they’re entertaining on a nice day, and while they don’t exactly boast a reputation for bulletproof reliability, they’re at least easy to work on and will fit down most standard-size chimneys.

Who is Collecting These?

Who is Collecting These?

4. 1987-93 Ford Mustang LX 5.0 coupe: The Fox Platform Mustang (built from 1979-93) was the longest lived series of the famous pony car and possibly one of the most influential. Reworking the piston and cylinder head design of Ford’s venerable 5.0-liter V-8 resulted in the return of real horsepower to the Mustang for the first time since the early 1970s. While nice examples of Fox Mustangs are hard to find, the LX versions of the coupe and hatchback with the 5.0 can be surprisingly reasonable.

A Classic Worth Having

A Classic Worth Having

5. 1960-62 Plymouth Valiant sedan: The Valiant has a ton going for it as a cheap classic —the unkillable Slant-6 engine, styling by the famous and flamboyant Virgil “Excess” Exner, torsion bar suspension, unibody construction and a great name. Valiants were generally regarded as among the best of the first generation of American compact cars. The sedans, which were the most numerous body style, are still quite affordable.


Minutes of November Meeting

17 Nov


BUSINESS MEETING November 4, 2010

The potluck dinner meeting was held at the home of Don & Bev Weaver and led by President, Jim Pennell. Also in attendance were Jackie Chess, Ron Curtis (local visitor), Bob Galli, Bill Marks, Zac Mathis, Ed & Charlotte Roberts and returning member Larry Bouchard.

Treasurers Report: Jackie Chess

Beginning balance: checking account – $6,391.48

Income: raffle $27.00   Expenses: none

Ending balance: checking account –  $6,418.48

We must maintain a $1,500.00 balance to not be charged a monthly service charge.

Our Tax Identification Number is registered as an incorporated association which is the same as a non-profit. The difference in non profits seems to be tax exempt (difference types) or not.

Corsa National has been no assistance in determining our correct designation.

It was decided to stop perusing the record verification and be satisfied solely with Bank of America for our future banking business.


Fan Belt Toss, Palm Springs, was attended by Bill Marks, Mike Thomas and Bob O’Brien. Bill Marks had a winning raffle ticket and is now the owner of a 1964 Monza convertible, 4 speed, 110 hp which is white with red interior. This Corvair was purchased, restored and raffled off by San Diego Corsa.

Bob Galli’s is selling his 1969 Ultra Van (504) for $4,000.00.

A Tech Session is planned for whatever folks needs might be Sunday November 28th, 9:00am at Jim Pennell’s. So far 7 people have express interest in attending this session.


Jim Pennell reported information he and Bob O’Brien have gathered:

Option I –   Lake Atascadero Park and the AARP Building Friday evening & Saturday– total $1,000.00

Option II – Masonic Hall, Arroyo Grande for Friday evening registration & dinner, $200

Heritage Park with Gazebo, Arroyo Grande for Saturday car show & BBG, $75

Rental of table’s & chair’s for 60, $223 –—-subtotal $498.00

Rental of a Port-a-potty is required. Larry Bouchard has a resource he’ll check & report to Jim.

Other venues were discussed but many felt the best exposure to the public would be Heritage Park. Plus the fact that ‘The Village’ is so nearby for visitors to explore. A motion was made by Charlotte and seconded by Larry to secure the Option II which passed.

Zac suggested a theme of ‘Vairs in the Village’ with Gazebo, Swinging Bridge and a Corvair as artwork. A motion was made by Jackie, seconded by Jim and passed.

According to Jim Pennell, Mike Thomas will prepare line ads and distribute flyers. Larry also offered to distribute flyers. Jim will contact Jim Corey about preparing artwork for advertising.

List of VairFest events and task:

Artwork – Jim Corey



Line Ads – Mike Thomas

Flyer Distribution – Mike Thomas, Larry Bouchard

Barbecue – Don Hemwall & Chuck Smith

Car Show, ballots

Hospitality Center/refreshments

Photographs – Sara Galli


Clark’s donations – Don Weaver

Registration – Bob Galli

Spaghetti Dinner, Friday – Bob O’Brien

Swap Meet

A Tech Session by Bob Galli took place regarding clutch replacement. Many modifications of parts were made between the early & late models making it very difficult to swap individual parts.

Next meeting: Date and location to be determined for our Christmas Dinner

This gathering will include election of Officers for 2011. Annual dues of $12 are due by January 2011.

I announced my retirement as Secretary/Treasurer.

Respectfully submitted, Jackie Chess, Secretary/Treasurer

June 2010 Minutes

20 Sep



The potluck dinner meeting was held at the home of Mike Thomas and lead by President, Jim Pennell.

In attendance were Dave & Jackie Chess, Jim Corey, Bob Galli, Don Hemwall, Bill Marks, Jim Pennell, Ed & Charlotte Roberts, and Mike Thomas.

Treasurers Report: Jackie Chess

Beginning balance, 4/10: checking account – $1,246.57, CD – $5,032.62

Income: $23, 4/19 raffle. Expenses none

Ending balance, 5/7 bank statement: checking account – $1,269.57, CD – $5,312.87

May raffle will be deposited with June’s. CD @ 1.29%, due 9/8/10.


Vintage Corsa of Orange County announces Corvair Heritage Day a new worldwide Corvair event.

To be held October 2, 2010 coinciding with the Corvair’s official birthday. Local chapters are free to coordinate any organized event of their choice to mark the occasion. Registration of $20 provides an event t-shirt and magnetic dash plaque and all proceeds will benefit the Corvair Society of America.

Registration deadline is August 1st. Event flyer, registration form and procedures were included.

Please peruse additional information at www.VintageCorsa.com for a future club decision.


Correction to the minutes of May 8th: The gold/black license plates were received by Jim Pennell.

Newsletter committee, Corey, Hemwall, O’Brien, Thomas:

Mike reported they will attempt a conference call meeting June 23rd.

Vairfest: Jim Corey will ask Bob O’Brien to check availability of Lake Atascadero and the AARP Building for May 2011.

For sale: ’65 Monza Coup, 110 horsepower, power glide, new interior, good paint and aluminum wheels. Asking price is $6,500. If interested call 805-215-4490 (information from Bill Marks).

A Tech Session was presented by Bob Galli discussing modification of the engine top cover,

the steel baffle plates and elimination of one of two gaskets.

Future Dates:

August 20-21st – Mid-State Cruisers car show, Atascadero

October 3rd – Concours d’Elegance, Mission Hills

October 29-31st – Fan Belt Toss

The raffle raised $26 of which $5 went into the attendance pot that is now $50 since Alma Quesnel was not in attendance.

Next meeting:

July 10th, 6 pm potluck dinner at the Roberts, 8350 Santa Rosa Road, Atascadero.

Meeting date moved back 1 week due to the 4th of July holiday.

Respectfully submitted, Jackie Chess, Secretary/Treasure

CCC Minutes Sept. 2009

30 Sep


BUSINESS MEETING, September 5, 2009

The meeting held at the Chess’s was opened by President, Jim Pennell at 11:30 am. In attendance were Dave/Jackie Chess, Bob Galli, Don Hemwall, Jim Pennell and Ed/Charlotte Roberts.

Treasurers Report, Jackie Chess

Beginning Balance: $6,393.57. No income. Ending Balance: $6,193.57

Expenses: $200.00 American Cancer Society for the Relay For Life; $100 in memory of Diane Galli & $100 in honor of Charlotte Roberts.

Correspondence: Rocky Mountain Corsa, Bennett Auslaender, 303-816-1100, gatpartner@aol.com.

For Sale: 1965 Corvair Corsa Convertible, 180 HP Turbo, 100,878 miles, $12,995 OBO, Colorado.

Corsa West announces Concours d’ Elegance and Wash & Shine, 10/4/09, Mission Hills, CA

Contact: Dave Statland 818-345-9304. Download flyer @ www.corsawest.com.

Great Western Fan Belt Toss & Swap Meet is October 23-25 in Palm Springs hosted by Inland Empire Corvair Club. Contact Beryl Adele Corson, 951-780-7880, beryladele1119@aol.com./iecorvairclub.com

River City Sacramento has announced a Vairfest will be held April 23-24, 2010.

Meetings: There was no meeting in July. The August meeting held at Jim Pennell’s was only a tech session comprised of: replacing thermostat billows (Hemwall); repair of differential leak (O’Brien) balance carburetors (Mathis); odds & ends (Corey).

Sources: Batteries Plus, San Luis Obispo carries Group 53 batteries for all early & forward control models for $99. Seth Emerson of San Jose sells steering gear boxes for 1960-1963, all new parts for approximately $300 which are manufactured by Flaming River. Any questions contact Jim Pennell.

Action Items:

CD’s were researched by Jackie reflecting the best rate of 5 local banks & credit union for 24-35 months as Bank of America @ 2.29%. It was decided that 24 months is too long a period incase we host another Vair Fest in 2 years rather than 3 years. Bank of America’s rate for 1 yr. to 23 mos. is .95%. It was voted unanimously for Jackie to purchase & be the signer of a CD for $5,000/12 months with the highest paying yield.

Donations from our Vairfest net were considered. It was voted unanimously to donation $200.00 to the Corvair Preservation Foundation which was a favorite fund of Diane Galli’s.

Raffle: raised $12 of which $5 went to the door prize since Alma Quesnel was not present.

The meeting was adjourned at 12:30 pm followed by a potluck lunch.

Next meeting:  October 3, 2009 at the home of Don Hemwall, Atascadero.

How may I be of service?

How may I be of service?

Respectfully submitted, Jackie Chess, Secretary/Treasurer