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Electric Fuel Pump Installation

5 Oct

The Virtues of Installing an Electric Fuel Pump

by Bob O

Dealing with the reliability of Corvair mechanical fuel pumps has been an ongoing concern for our brand of specialized car service.  Many hobbyists have already made the switch to electric fuel pumps as the quality of the mechanicals has suffered over the years.  They are just not reliable or dependable and can lead to a blown engine if the crankcase fills with gas unbeknownst to you.  Corvair guru Bob Galli perhaps said it best “it’s not a question of if it fails it is a question of when.”

Tucked nicely under the chassis

Tucked nicely under the chassis

Anticipating such a day when the pump leaks more than it fills the carb bowl I bought several pumps from Clarks Corvair parts.  I noticed that the mechanical on my 63 Spyder was beginning to leak if I let the car sit for anything more than a week.  I was always able to loosen the bolts on the top cover then retighten them and stop the leaks.  I did know it was just a matter of time when I couldn’t tighten them safely anymore.  Returning from a three week vacation in Telluride, CO. I fired up the Spyder and spewed raw gas (and I mean this) EVERYWHERE!

These photos show the final installation of the pump on the frame rail, the relocation of the filter under the wheel well, rerouting the fuel line to the Carter Carb. and the aluminum plug where the pump used to be located.

Oil pressure switch installation

Oil pressure switch installation

In addition, I installed a fuel pressure regulator that is located behind the air cleaner (inline before the carb).  Also notice the oil pressure switch that is located over the oil light sensor that is standard fare on the Corvair.  This switch lets the pump operate once oil pressure is established on starting and driving the car.  If oil pressure fails such as stalling the engine or turning it off the pump ceases to operate.

Out of sight but not out of mind

Out of sight but not out of mind

I did not install the inertia switch although I have them sitting on the shelf.  At this time I do not see a “real” reason to install them into the fuel system.  The real reason being that this can’t happen to me.  Safe Driving for all.

Note:  I have yet to install the aluminum in/out fuel pump diaphram replacement that I purchased for electric pump stock/concours appearance.  That will go on the next installation….the Rampside!


Director’s Chair

1 Oct

This special column for select chapter newsletters is
written by Jack Pinard, CORSA Western Division director, corvairjack@yahoo.com

CORSA STORE debuted Sept. 19 at South Coast Corsa’s car show. It is a new program by directors to bring supplies and merchandise to chapter events.  A limited stock of tech guides, decals, pins, hats and books was offered to members this first time out. The full line of shirts  will be added to inventory at the Oct. 4 Corsa West of LA Concours d’Elegance.

It was fun to setup my tent and pitch CORSA wares in Torrance next to my pretty blue Corsa convertible. When visits to the booth slowed down I picked by decals and visited members. The one buck decals sold out fast so will reorder.

The newly revised Tech Guide drew lots of comments.  A compilation of 1 and 2, it has been re-edited and reset in clear type.  The illustrations are sharp, easy to see for even my tired eyes.  It is available printed with three holes, or on PDF disk.

If you plan to attend Inland Empire CC’s Great Western Fan Belt Toss & Swap Meet Oct. 23-25 in Palm Springs, you can reserve a copy of the tech guide by sending an email.  The books are heavy, so I need to know in advance how many to take. The toss has always been a must for every owner so hope you can visit.

Hector Gonzales and the SCC crew did a great job for their show.
The cars entered were parked in voting class groups, and all details were well thought out.  About 30 very nice stock and modified Corvairs pleased owners and visitors.

Especially appreciated were those who took time to share with me their concerns about CORSA.  I listened to comments about dues, website and activities.  We need to enhance and expand membership, and as a rookie director your ideas are important.
Please send emails so I can have a file to show other directors.

Oct. 3 is 50th Anniversary of Corvair First Day of Sale. Find a way to celebrate and promote, even if it is only to drive around your town with a handmade sign. I’ll go to CWLA meet at Bob’s Big Boy in Northridge.

A late addition to SoCal calendar is Ventura County Corvairs autocross at Camarillo Airport Oct. 18.  It is open to all makes, but designed for Corvair daily drivers.  Contact Tim Chew, service@topcatauto.com.

Western Division chapters are among the strongest and most active in CORSA, attracting young and old enthusiasts.  Let’s all promote membership in CORSA, and actively participate to make it as dynamic as the cars we own and drive.  Go team!

Jack Pinard
CORSA Western Division Director

116 E Garden Green, Port Hueneme CA 93041-1926
Cell 805 340-6533