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June 2010 Minutes

20 Sep



The potluck dinner meeting was held at the home of Mike Thomas and lead by President, Jim Pennell.

In attendance were Dave & Jackie Chess, Jim Corey, Bob Galli, Don Hemwall, Bill Marks, Jim Pennell, Ed & Charlotte Roberts, and Mike Thomas.

Treasurers Report: Jackie Chess

Beginning balance, 4/10: checking account – $1,246.57, CD – $5,032.62

Income: $23, 4/19 raffle. Expenses none

Ending balance, 5/7 bank statement: checking account – $1,269.57, CD – $5,312.87

May raffle will be deposited with June’s. CD @ 1.29%, due 9/8/10.


Vintage Corsa of Orange County announces Corvair Heritage Day a new worldwide Corvair event.

To be held October 2, 2010 coinciding with the Corvair’s official birthday. Local chapters are free to coordinate any organized event of their choice to mark the occasion. Registration of $20 provides an event t-shirt and magnetic dash plaque and all proceeds will benefit the Corvair Society of America.

Registration deadline is August 1st. Event flyer, registration form and procedures were included.

Please peruse additional information at www.VintageCorsa.com for a future club decision.


Correction to the minutes of May 8th: The gold/black license plates were received by Jim Pennell.

Newsletter committee, Corey, Hemwall, O’Brien, Thomas:

Mike reported they will attempt a conference call meeting June 23rd.

Vairfest: Jim Corey will ask Bob O’Brien to check availability of Lake Atascadero and the AARP Building for May 2011.

For sale: ’65 Monza Coup, 110 horsepower, power glide, new interior, good paint and aluminum wheels. Asking price is $6,500. If interested call 805-215-4490 (information from Bill Marks).

A Tech Session was presented by Bob Galli discussing modification of the engine top cover,

the steel baffle plates and elimination of one of two gaskets.

Future Dates:

August 20-21st – Mid-State Cruisers car show, Atascadero

October 3rd – Concours d’Elegance, Mission Hills

October 29-31st – Fan Belt Toss

The raffle raised $26 of which $5 went into the attendance pot that is now $50 since Alma Quesnel was not in attendance.

Next meeting:

July 10th, 6 pm potluck dinner at the Roberts, 8350 Santa Rosa Road, Atascadero.

Meeting date moved back 1 week due to the 4th of July holiday.

Respectfully submitted, Jackie Chess, Secretary/Treasure


VairFest Quilt Story

6 Oct

THE 50th ANNIVERSARY RAFFLE QUILT by Charlotte Roberts
In the fall of 2008 Central Coast Corsa (CCC) was planning for May 1-3 Vair Fest 2009 at Atascadero Lake, Atascadero, Ca. At a meeting Bob Galli looked and me and said,”Diane and I have some t-shirts we have collected in our travels if someone I know would make a raffle quilt.” So of course I said, “I’ll see what I can do.”

Presenting the VairFest Quilt to Bob

Presenting the VairFest Quilt to Bob

Now to digress: Bob and Diane have been members of CCC since 1985. They have been very actively involved in local, regional and national events of Corsa. Both have been president, vice president and secretary/treasurer of CCC, and son-in-law Dennis Herndon was a regional director in the 1990’s. They are members of and have served as treasurer of the Ultra Van and Corvanatics groups. Vacations and trips were centered on travels to the various national, mini conventions and regional events. Bob, a machinist by trade, has a vast knowledge of Corvairs and shares generously of his knowledge, experience and time. Diane came to know everyone in their travels and would often be found in the hospitality room at conventions laughing, telling stories, learning everyone’s name in 2 minutes, sharing trivia or whatever. Marvelous couple they were!
Ed (right) hands off the quilt to Bob

Ed (right) hands off the quilt to Bob

Well, in January I was given a large grocery bag of almost new t-shirts and told to use what I wanted. The shirts were special to them and we were celebrating the 50th anniversary of production. This original 59″x 62″ quilt is in a 9-patch formation, each panel stabilized with fusible web, then strip- pieced. Freehand outline quilting was used on the individual shirts and on the balance of the quilt.
The following t-shirts were used starting in the top row right to left: Williamsburg, VA 1994, Heartland Kansas City 1989, and Chicago 1987
Middle row: GWFBT&SM Palm Springs 2000, Corvair motif with production years, and Bass Lake Bash, CA 2005
Bottom row: Daytona Speedway 2000, Vairs on Horizon Lake Tahoe 1999, and Lake Placid, NY 1997
A Chevrolet bowtie label on the back of the quilt said, “Celebrating 50 Years of Corvair” and was signed and dated recognizing the donation of t-shirts from the Galli family.
The raffle was held Saturday afternoon at the barbecue. My husband Ed Roberts won the raffle and donated it back to Bob and Diane. Sad to say Diane has been fighting cancer for several years and passed away on July 21. The quilt is now home with Bob to remember his travels with Diane over those many wonderful years.
The Quilt goes home

The Quilt goes home

~Charlotte Roberts
Quilt maker and friend