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Vairfest 2017

4 Mar

Friday & Saturday, June 23 and 24, 2017

Arroyo Grande, California: “More Than Just a Car Show”

Please join us for the Best Little Corvair Show on the California Central Coast. Located conveniently close to Hwy.101, in the Historic Village of Arroyo Grande. The event is only 1/2 mile from the highway exit.

Start off with our famous all you can eat “Friday Night Pasta Feed”, including wine, salad, garlic bread, dessert, and an after dinner movie. Show your pride and joy Corvair at the Saturday “People’s Choice Show” in the Heritage Square Park with awards and raffle prizes.

For your midday eating pleasure, experience one of the 12+ eateries and two sweet shops in The Village. Check out the local antique shops, farmers market, the old one room school house, and the historic architecture. All within close, easy walking distance.

Top off your Saturday with a “not-to-be-missed” fun night out of live theater at The Great American Melodrama and Vaudeville in nearby Oceano.

Complete your weekend with an informal Sunday morning breakfast. Before your trip home, take some time to visit the beach, the nearby wine country, or Hearst Castle.

This year’s grand raffle prize will be a rebuilt, universal, 110 hp long block Corvair engine. A portion of all proceeds will be donated to a local charity and the Corvair Preservation Foundation.


For more information on the host city and local activities follow this link


Click here to download the Vairfest 2017 registration form PDF

Vairfest 2017 Registration Form


Click here to download the Vairfest 2017 registration form PDF

For registration information, click here.

For general car show information, click here.


Vairfest 2014

1 Mar

VairFest_2014_ 009

VairFest_2014_ 005

VairFest_2014_ 003



VairFest_2014_ 010

VairFest Wrap-up Rap for September 13, 2012

15 Sep

A small but merry band of Corvair enthusiasts gathered at President Jim’s home to chew the fat of VairFest. We did not have to chew for long since the treasurer’s report shows the club made a whopping $.18 profit for our most recent event in June.  Not that we are in this to line the club coffers with dough but we all got a good laugh at the expense and credit report. The bottom line, to use the parlance of our time; we are still in the black and that was cause for celebration.  Pizza, wine, fruit and a variety of salads lined the buffet counter as we discussed the future of this fine Corvair event.

Beauty in the eye of the beholder

Our goal this year is to grow the event both in paid attendees and in passersby attendance.  We would like to make this a “go to” destination event for everyone and we  agreed to Jump start the 2013 event immediately.  Timely media we agree will be key to getting this event into the eyes of the right people.  First and foremost it was deemed that we get our event into the national media magazines such as Hemming’s Classic Car, CORSA Communique and others that have a calendar of events.  Many of these mags have lead times that are due 6 months in advance so it behooves us to start now.  Which reminds me…..Central Coast Corsa’s annual VairFest event at Heritage Park in Arroyo Grande, CA. will take place the weekend of June 21, 22 and 23, 2013. Once again our signature “Best Value” features are: Friday evenings date night with spaghetti dinner and a movie, Saturday car show, BBQ lunch, raffles and awards and a trek back in time to the Great American Melodrama for a fun and zany vaudeville show that is rife with laughs and a hint of burlesque just for spice. Our goal is to have 35 cars and a parade of informed populace craving to gawk at all the beautiful and unique Corvairs!  Let the parade begin.

VairFest 2012

9 Jul

The complete VairFest line up.  A small but solid line up featuring a variety of Vairs that competed for prizes and accolades from adoring fans. Not only did the show wow the Corvair crowd but wooed innocent by standers as well.  Come in for a look …..

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Hope you enjoyed the show! We will see you next year!

Calendar of Events

13 Jan

January 21, 2012. CCC outing and tech session at Mike Thomas’ Corvair Ranch in beautiful Atascadero, CA. Meet at 10AM at Mike’s house in A-Town for a caravan ride to the site. If it is required to have several “ran when parked” cars in your driveway in Atascadero come to this event at an abandoned chicken farm to peruse through the gems Mike has squirreled away. Bring cash or check as there is sure to be some part you must have and Mike might be willing to sell. Lunch will be taken at Colby Jack’s new restaurant at the Carlton Hotel in Atascadero after we crawl around the ranch. For more info call Bob O at 460-9651 or Mike at 549-8050. This is our first event of the New Year. We will talk about the upcoming VairFest in Arroyo Grande, June 23, 2012 and set the rest of our calendar for upcoming events!

VairFest 2012. CCC’s VairFest has tentatively been scheduled for June 23, 2012 at Heritage Park in Arroyo Grande, CA. Once again we will host what is to become an annual event for the club. Car show, BBQ, Awards and tech sessions will be on the slate. Discuss………

VairFest 2011 Heritage Park, Arroyo Grande, CA

17 Jun

Central Coast Corsa Business Meeting Feb.3

3 Mar

Central Coast Corsa

Business Meeting Feb. 3, 2011


In attendance: Ed, Charlotte, Bill, Jason, Jim C., Jim P., Mike, Bob O., and Bob G.

Meeting called to order at 6:55pm.

Salads and great wine were offered for dinner.  EXCEPTIONAL!  Lets keep up the good work by raising the bar on foodstuffs.

Dues paid by Jim C. and Bob O.

Treasurer’s report:

Last Statement Balance: $6418.48 as of 12/10/2010

New Checking Balance: $5749.48

Dues Received: $136

Rental and Deposit for VairFest:  $805  for bandstand at Heritage park and Masonic Hall.


Will let Zac know that the secretary is to send meeting minutes to all club members via email and not just to Bob O for inclusion on club web site.

Bob O took pictures of Heritage Park VairFest site for promotion of this event on the web site, to other Corvair clubs and for event flyer.

Jim P. has created a flyer list of 8 motels in the area with prices and contact information, RV camping areas and a map of the Arroyo Grande area on the back.  This will be included in the registration packets that are to be mailed.

Jim C. has been having much difficulty with creating a logo for this event.  AG Village Association has been uncooperative with sending promised line art to Jim.  He will follow up once again before we proceed to plan B.

Bob G. will proceed with creating the pre-registration and registration forms and Jim C. offered to help Bob with this process.

Arroyo Grande Village web site: AGvillage.org

Bob O. will create a one page flyer for this event that is to be sent to other Corvair clubs and used on the web site.

Used the prior VairFest worksheet created by Jackie for upcoming event.

Masonic Temple is available as of noon on Friday April 29 for set up, dinner prep and decoration.

Spaghetti Dinner:

Overseen by Bob O and Jim C

Dinner Offerings: spaghetti, 2 sauces, salad, garlic bread, wine, ice cream, soft drinks, coffee.

Table decorations: table cloths, candles, and small vase of flowers.

Movie:  Come up with choice with a Corvair in it. To be determined.  Jason will provide the movie screen.  Jim P will check availability of DVD projector.

Popcorn to be the pre-popped version available to all at the movie.

Heritage Park is available from 7am to 6pm

Raffle tickets:  1 color ticket for merchandise raffles and grand prize (no 50/50).  Charlotte will handle this task.

Bill will handle the swap meet part of this event.

Photos of cars:  We do not have a volunteer for this duty yet.

Poster for Masonic Temple:  Alma will put this together to promote the event.

T-shirts will be handled by Jim C.

Parking Cars:  Jim P and Bob O will park show cars beginning at 8am to 9am.

Ballots for car show will be provided by Bob G.

Raffle and registration will be handled in shifts under the gazebo by club members that will sign up for specific time slots. Raffle cage at Charlotte’s house.  Raffle cans at Don H’s house.

Jim C. will call Clarks for a possible raffle model car.

$150 dollars cash is once again the grand prize for the raffle.

Awards to be provided by Don H.

BBQ overseen by Don H. begins at 4pm

Coffee makers: Jim P will check at Masons for availability.

Registration table: Name tags, packets, membership applications, pens, cash box, ballot box.

Wine Tour to be handled by Jim P.

Mike has promoted this event in Hemmings, Communique, and Driver magazines.

10am start for wine tour on Sun. with lunch provided at the first of two stops.  Jim P will have more info on the sites.

Next Meeting at Mikes house:

7475 Valle Ave. Atascadero on March 3 at 6pm.